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BTS Taehyung Profile

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Introducing the profile of Taehyung or what we know as V. 

V is one of the most popular members of BTS.

Well, we all know how popular the Korean boy group is, BTS. Now, they are gaining more popularity worldwide. 

We’ll get to know V, his personality, profile, and more this time. Once you know it, we’re sure you’ll love him even more.

Let’s start with the basics, such as height and weight, to his debut story and family.

Basic Information About V

V has a delicate personality with a four-dimensional character. He is often referred to as a 5-year-old child. 

V is a member of BTS with a husky voice. 

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  • Hangul: 김태형 – Kim Tae-hyung
  • Stage Name: V
  • Birthday: December 30, 1995
  • Birthplace: Seo District of Daegu, South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Height: 178.8 cm (5’10.4″)
  • Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)
  • School: Global Cyber University
  • Degree: Broadcasting and Entertainment

V went to Korean Arts High School and enrolled in Global Cyber University. He graduated with a major in Broadcasting and Entertainment in 2020. Currently, he is enrolled at Hanyang Cyber University pursuing a Master of Business Administration in Advertising and Media.

BTS V’s Personality

Originally, V was the type of person that depended on only one. Now, he explains that when his members or brother are happy, he is happy, too.

He’s a very understanding person. Many people might be confused by his personality, and sometimes it looks like he’s out of focus. 

Sometimes he’s energetic. At times, he looks scary. Most of the time, he’ll suddenly be calm. It’s basically a personality that you cannot read. 

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Overall, he has a delicate personality.

V is the type of person who expresses emotions. However, V is also experiencing some downfall in his life.

It was said that V had anxiety and worries.

BTS V’s Favorites

V’s favorite foods are meat, Japchae, soda, and jar noodles.

It seems like V is not a strong drinker. Even though members of BTS are drinking, V would prefer to drink carbonated drinks like cola.

V also loves junk food, and he eats ramen in the middle of the night.

He also has some food that he dislikes, like bitter food, raw onions, pumpkins, beans, and red beans.

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Aside from food, one of V’s favorites are animals. He is really an animal lover. He loves animals so much that he would go to zoos or places with animals during his off days.

V also loves young children. He loves to talk and play with them. He gives handshakes during events every time he sees children.

BTS V’s Visuals

One of V’s charm points is his moles. He has three moles:

  • Tip of his nose
  • Below his lips
  • Under his eyes

Looking at V’s face, you can distinguish him very well. His ears face forward, his nose is high, and he has a piercing on the left ear.

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V has a charming face, and many are suspicious if he had plastic surgery.

Many would think that because V has a very beautiful visual. But, there is no such thing! He’s just growing. 

Actually, V ranked in The 100 Most Beautiful Faces in the World by TC Candler. It is a ranking of the appearance of entertainers in the world, which is selected subjectively. 

  • V won first place in 2017
  • 5th place in 2018
  • 4th place in 2019
  • 2nd place in 2020

With all the handsome people in the world, it’s a proud moment that V is one of this ranking.

BTS V’s Family

V has his mom, dad, younger sister, brother, and dog, Yongtan.

V always says that his dad is his role model. He really respects his father and that he wishes he could build a family just like how his father built theirs.

V used to live with his grandmother together with his siblings. His parents worked together, so his grandmother raised him.

Whenever V has a free schedule, he always goes home to Daegu to visit his grandmother.

However, in September 2016, his grandmother died while he was abroad. 

“I think Grandma is supporting us a lot from the sky. I believe so, and I will work harder. So, my beloved ARMY people also have my precious grandmother. I hope you remember it.”

One of the most important family members is his dog, Yongtan. It is a black Pomeranian, and he usually takes it in his workplace. BTS members also love his dog.

BTS V and Other Members

BTS members always have the best duos and friendships. V is one of the members with an amazingly good friend duo that is shipped by fans.

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V has this cute character, and everyone is swayed by his sweet and funny face.

One of the best duos is Taekook, Taehyung and Jungkook.

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V brightened Jungkook, who is shy. Now, the two are too close and always have the funniest things to do. 

Next, the combination of Jimin and V is called “Vmin” or “Quoz” meaning both were born in 1995.

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V and Jimin have been in the same high school and have lived in the same dormitory since the practice period. This is why Jimin and V are like real brothers.

BTS V’s Friends

It’s no wonder why V is like Mr. Friendship. He has many friends in the entertainment world because of his friendly personality.

V and Park Bo-gum are friends, and they travel together. They became friends because of the music program Music Bank.

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Next are V and Park Seo-jun. They became good friends, and they had a group named Ugaugakai. Their group travels, gather and does various things.

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BTS V’s Fashion

V’s fashion is always plain clothes that attract attention. Besides their costumes on-stage performances, he always wears casual clothes during Vlive or at the airport.

V is well-dressed in clothes that may be difficult to combine.

bts v
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V often wears Chanel in his stage costumes. Usually, he styles himself with Chanel accessories in plain clothes. He wears various Chanel earrings when he’s on stage. 

One cute and funny moment of V is when he wore Snow White as his Halloween costume. 

BTS V’s Debut Story

Every member of BTS has a different debut story. Let’s find out how V got into BTS.

V auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment when he was 17 years old. He trained for a period of two years before the group’s debut.

It was said that there were no photos or any appearances of V before their debut. This is why he has not received any letters from fans.

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Why doesn’t V have any appearances?

This is because V is the “secret member” of BTS. So, fans are not aware of his existence. 

The first time he received a letter, he was very pleased. 

BTS V’s Girlfriend / Ideal Type

Since BTS is very popular, the news is waiting to see if one of them will have a girlfriend. BTS is often targeted by paparazzi-famous, Dispatch.

It is often rumored that V and Twice member, Tzuyu are dating. But, these are just speculations.

Twice and BTS are busy groups, and they may not have the time to date.

Here are some details of V’s ideal type:

  • Frugal and stingy
  • Tall
  • Not too thin
  • Considerate person
  • Family-oriented
  • A girl that will take care of him as his mother

Knowing his type, he does want a girl that will spoil her.

Since V is the type of person who takes care of his family well, he wants the same for his ideal type.

BTS V’s Acting Career

Among the BTS members, V is the only actor that starred in a drama. He was selected to star in the Korean drama, Hwarang, which is widely popular.

taehyung hwarang
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The drama also starred Park Seo-Joon and Park Hyung-Sik.

It is a Korean drama that even good-looking Korean idol lovers can enjoy.

V’s role is Hanson. Though V’s acting seems to have been criticized by the antis, V played it pretty well.

BTS V’s Solo

V sang “Sweet Night,” which is the OST of the Korean drama Itaewon Class. This drama was a huge hit in 2021.

Final Thoughts

Now, we found out about V’s personality and mysterious characters. There are some things that are a little different. He is bright, energetic, and has a friendly personality. 

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For more latest information, we’ll keep you updated!

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