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BTS Jungkook Piercings

In this article, we had in detail everything about the piercings of BTS maknae, Jungkook. Does Jungkook have piercings on his eyebrows, mouth, and tongue? We’ll find that out.

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Though we always see Jungkook wearing piercings on his ears, many were surprised by his eyebrow piercing. There was also suspicion about his piercing in the mouth.

Let’s look at some pictures and find out whether or not these are real.

BTS Jungkook’s Earrings

The pierced earrings on Jungkook’s left ear have become a hot topic in ARMY. They said that these piercings are birthstones of his brothers or “hyungs” in BTS.

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If the six earrings are really the BTS members’ birthstones, these should be the colors:

  • Pink Tourmaline (December): Jimin
  • Amethyst (February): J-Hope
  • Sapphire (September): RM
  • Tanzanite (December): Jin
  • Tanzanite (December): V
  • Aquamarine (March): Suga

BTS Jungkook’s Piercing

Jungkook often has multiple earrings that many see during performances or videos. Many are also aware that Jungkook has tattoos.

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This time, we want to know if Jungkook has eyebrow piercings?

BTS Jungkook’s Mouth Piercing

Before, it was rumored that Jungkook was wearing mouth piercings.

Among the members, Jungkook has a large number of earrings.

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This time, it was confirmed that Jungkook had a piercing on his mouth at the award ceremony at TMA2021.

The piercing is on the right side of his mouth.

BTS Jungkook’s Tongue Piercing

Jungkook has more than just an eyebrow piercing. But he has a  mouth piercing, as speculated by many.

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It is said that he also has tongue piercings.

Though, there weren’t many photos that showed his tongue piercings.

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BTS Jungkook’s Eyebrow Piercing

Just recently, on the release of their song “Butter” on May 21, 2021, Jungkook’s eyebrow piercing became a hot topic among fans. 

Jungkook’s ear piercings were always seen, but this time, he’s showing his eyebrow piercing.

In their music video comeback, you can see that Jungkook’s eyebrow is glowing.

During the V Live with all BTS members after their comeback, a member touched Jungkook’s eyebrow piercing.

But, at that time, it looked like stickers. V also got a sticker of Jungkook’s eyebrow piercing and put it on. 

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At the time of the comeback, it looked like the eyebrow piercings weren’t open.

As the BTS members have their comeback activities, some of them are taking selfies. Many noticed that Jungkook’s eyebrow piercing is three-dimensional. There is also swelling like the axis of eyebrow piercing. A piercing hole can also be seen, and there is no misalignment of the eyebrow piercing.

This time, many believe that the eyebrow piercings look real.

In Jungkook’s Twitter post, a selka or selfie, on June 14, 2021, it was confirmed that Jungkook’s eyebrow earrings are genuine. 

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Final Thoughts

Fans or ARMY reactions are somehow the same when they first find out about Jungkook’s tattoos. Some are happy about it, and some are a bit disappointed. But, let’s all remember that it’s their body, not ours.

This time, we have looked at BTS Jungkook’s mouth piercing, tongue piercing, and eyebrow piercing. 

bts jungkook piercings
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Jungkook’s eyebrow piercing is real, but the mouth and tongue are likely to be. There are still some uncertainties, especially on his tongue.

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Let’s appreciate Jungkook’s looks and how he shows up to be the best of all time.

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