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BTS Military Service Latest Information

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This topic has always been a “talk-of-the-town,” especially to many avid BTS fans or ARMY. So, we will inform you about the official announcement of BTS military service and its latest information. Read more to find out about it!

The military service system cannot be avoided for Korean men. BTS, of course. These seven handsome men are nearly on their call for the military. A few of their members already have their enlistment deadline, but reports say something about them attending the military. Korean military service is a duty of Korean men who come of age.

There are official announcements about BTS military service. Reports say they MIGHT be exempted, and some say they will enlist together. Well, who knows? Maybe you’ll find the answers here.

Korean idols have been enlisted in the Army for about 18 months, which is inevitable. Many Korean male idols have already gone through their military service and gone back with their groups.

This time, the latest information on BTS military service is spreading, especially since some members already have scheduled military service. Still, there has been a postponement and talks about BTS military service exemption, etc.

BTS Military Service Exemption?

Of course, there has been a lot of talk about BTS military service plans over the last few years. All seven BTS members are paying close attention to the time of their military enlistment as they reach the proper age for service.

The oldest member of BTS, Jin, is turning 30 years old this 2022, and the youngest is Jungkook, who is turning 25.

At this age, the seven members can soon be enlisted for military service.

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BTS Military Service Statements

April 2022, On BTS’ live tour in the United States, they made an official statement about their military service in their interviews before their second-day performance.

The eldest member, Jin, responded to a question about the military service:

“I talked a lot about the military service with the company, and I talked about this issue as much as possible. I think what we talked about at the company is our story.”

BTS stated that they will obey the military service enlistment required by their country.

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If everyone’s not aware, there’s been reports about passing a law to exempt BTS or maybe other Korean male idols in the military service for the reason that they contributed so much to the country.

There are statements released from the HYBE’s CCO, Lee Jin Hyun, regarding whether or not the draft amendment to the Military Service Law can be processed.

“We will do our best to reach a conclusion that is beneficial to both society and the artist in the end. Since the military service-related cases of artists are of global concern, I hope that the draft amendment to the military service law will come to an early conclusion in this Diet session.”

He revealed that he would like to know immediately whether or not they will be exempted from military service by the Korean government.

For sure, the Korean government will soon announce the exemption from the military. 

BTS’ Postponed Military Service

The eldest member of BTS, Jin, has already reached the deadline for military service, which was approved by the national law. Take note that it is currently postponed or extended as of now.

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BTS Method

Currently, in South Korea, healthy men over the age of 18 are subject to military service by the age of 28 in principle.

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On December 22, 2020, due to a partial amendment to the Military Service Law promulgated by the Korean Ministry of National Defense, among the recipients of the Order of Culture and Medal, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism:

The “excellent person” who recommended that he “has the achievement of raising national prestige” can now postpone enlistment until he is 30 years old.

This made it possible to extend the military service of BTS’s oldest member, Jin, to 30.

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Military Service Exemption for BTS

Other male groups have not yet joined the military service. However, there is no doubt that these male members have reached the planned military service age.

BTS Jin and all the members of BTS still have to go to military service.

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Though reports state that BTS was exempted from military service, at this stage, BTS has no plan to be exempted from it.

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In a 2020 interview with Jin in their BE album, he answered questions about military service.

“For the time being, as a South Korean youth, military service is a matter of course.

As I always say, I will always respond if there is a conference.

I often talk to the members, but I plan to accept all military service.”

BTS members have a strong will to go to military service. This military service issue has become very popular worldwide, and their plans have been drawing the attention of their fans worldwide. Who would be happy to see their favorite Korean Boy Group that isn’t complete because one is in the military, right?

BTS Simultaneous Enlistment in Military Service

A report in April 2021 states that there is a high possibility of simultaneous enlistment. Until now, BTS members are expected to join the Army. 

Jin’s military service extension deadline is until December 2022. It may likely be in the latter half of 2022.

What is simultaneous enlistment for all BTS military service?

It will be a system in which two friends and relatives can join the Army together and serve in the same unit until the end, even after receiving the same recruit training.

Since 2003, the Army has been enlisted with companions to concentrate on their military affairs and avoid anxiety. The accompanying enlistment submits an application to the Military Manpower Administration, and you need to be examined. If you pass the examination of the Military Manpower Administration, you can join the Army with a friend and receive 5 weeks of recruit training at the same facility. Then, the two will be assigned to the unit together.

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Possibility of BTS Military Exemption Reheats

The debate over the BTS’ military service exception is beginning to reignite. President-elect Yun Seok-Yul’s administration succession committee visited BTS’ office.

It was revealed that he would also be listed for special cases of military service. It’s only speculation about the plans and discussions of military service exemption. There is also an opinion that BTS is fully qualified for alternative services. 

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It is also uncertain whether or not all BTS members will be enlisted together or separately. But, Jin and Suga, both BTS seniors, are likely to go into military service soon. Maybe, a possibility to use rumored companion enlistment.

RM and J-Hope will follow, and then Jimin, V, or Jungkook.

How many years will it take to get everyone together?

When all BTS were to join the military service at the same time in 2022, it would be about 18 months before all BTS are available. This is the shortest period.

But if BTS members go apart…

BTS Jin will be enlisted in the military service in December 2022, assuming that the youngest Jungkook will extend his military service to the age of 30 and join the Army in 2027. Until all the military service is over and all are ready.

That will take about 7 years, from 2022 to 2029. Yes, that’s a long time.

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No matter how popular BTS is, the period of 7 years would be too big.

Korean idols made their debut with many newcomers, and it will be a difficult situation if the members go to military service in pieces. There are many flows of group activities and solo activities with the remaining members, and there are few cases where everyone goes to military service all at once.

What kind of military service order will BTS go in?

Final Thoughts About BTS’ Military Service

All BTS military service is likely to be enlisted at the same time. But, the question is, when?

These are all the latest information from the postponement and exemption to BTS military service. The fact is, BTS Jin’s military service has been postponed and will be available until the end of 2022. It turns out that the possibility of exemption is low.

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But, there is still a possibility that everyone will be enlisted simultaneously. At this point, it has not been officially announced in detail. Of course, there will be an announcement from BTS shortly. As fans, if they go to military service, we want them to finish early and come back.

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