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BTS Jimin Tattoo

Are you interested in Jimin’s tattoos? Well, this blog post is for you! 

Jimin is one of the members of the famous Korean boy group, BTS. They are widely known for their music, choreography, and visuals.

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Jimin’s tattoos have meanings. These are not just anybody’s art. Other BTS members have tattoos as well that have different meanings.

But now, we are going through Jimin’s tattoos and their meaning.

BTS Jimin’s Tattoos: The Meaning and Places

Jimin is one of the BTS members who have tattoos. You are here because you are probably curious about Jimin’s tattoos and their meaning.

BTS Jungkook also has tattoos, but we’ll get to know more about Jimin’s tattoos this time.

We will also include the areas of where Jimin’s tattoos are located, like arms or wrist.

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When did BTS Jimin have His First Tattoo?

In the 2014 Asian Music Awards Ceremony: Mnet Asia Music Awards, many fans saw the word “Hana-Sama Nenka” on the left flank of Jimin.

There is also the word “NEVER MIND” on the right flank.

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Where is Jimin’s tattoo?

Some tattoos that you can see on Jimin are located on:

  • arm
  • wrist
  • flank
  • neck
  • ears

Jimin’s Tattoo on Neck and Ears

Jimin has a tattoo on his neck and ears. Many believe that Jimin had his tattoo while on vacation. Plus, it’s in a sexy part! 

A crescent moon is on his lower neck and a cursive Youth on his ears.

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Though, it is not sure whether these are real tattoos or just stickers or temporary ones.

Jimin’s Tattoo on Arms

On both of Jimin’s arms, there are different letters you can see at the back.

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It was confirmed that he had tattoos on their V Live on June 21, 2020.

On his left elbow: YOUNG

On his right elbow: FOREVER

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Jimin’s Tattoo on Wrist

The most impressive of Jimin’s tattoos are on his wrist, “13.”

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This was confirmed during their 2020 comeback. 

For its meaning, 13 is BTS’ debut date, June 13. It is also Jimin’s birthday which is on October 13.

Basically, 13 is a number that makes a lot of sense.

BTS Jimin Tattoo on Flank / Back

On Jimin’s flank, there are the words “NEVER MIND.”

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It was said that its meaning means “Don’t worry” or “It’s okay.”

There seems to be a deeper meaning, but there are no comments about it. So, it seems to be unknown.

BTS Members with Tattoos

Other BTS members have tattoos as well.

Jungkook revealed his tattoo for the first time in 2019 at the airport when leaving Korea. He had a long vacation with BTS. He had tattoos on his right hand with different meanings, too.

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Final Thoughts

Now we found out about Jimin’s tattoos and the meaning behind them. He had tattoos on his arms, wrists, and flanks, and it is still unknown if the tattoos on his ears and neck are real.

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All their tattoos indeed have meaning.

We will keep you updated as soon as we find out new things about Jimin’s tattoos.

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