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Info and Pics of Lynn Toler and Husband Eric Mumford

If you are familiar with Lynn Toler, then it’s time we talk about her husband, Eric Mumford.

Eric is known as a famous American author and a celebrity partner of the judge, Lynn Toler, of the famous TV series, Divorce Court.

Many might probably be curious about Judge Lynn Toler’s married life, that’s why this blog post is all about her and her husband, Eric Mumford.

So, keep reading to find out more about the couple.


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Lynn Toler’s husband, Eric Paul Mumford, was born in July 1958 in Sandusky, Ohio to Mary Margaret and Richard Mumford. We don’t know much about his formative years, or if he has siblings.

Eric’s academic journey began at Harvard University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture.

From there, he went on to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to obtain his Master of Architecture in 1983.

He completed his formal education in 1996 when he received his Doctorate of Philosophy from Princeton University.

The Career of Eric Mumford

Eric Mumford is an educator who has worked with several universities over the years, helping them to modernize their architecture and urbanism.

Right now, he is a professor at the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts and is also associated with the university’s department of history and archeology.

Moreover, Eric was previously a chair at the Harvard Graduate School of Design Visiting Committee.

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Aside from his duties as an educator and author, Eric is also one of the officers in Lynn’s company, Toler Corp., which was established around 2008.

He’s also an executive in his own company, Eric Mumford, Inc., which is an accounting business.

According to Tax Buzz, Eric is a tax accounting professional helping people with their tax returns and needs.

Lynn Toler and Eric Mumford

Eric Mumford is just an ordinary man and was well-known because he’s the husband of Judge Lynn Toler.

Eric and Lynn married on April 6, 1989, with their parents, relatives, and close friends who attended the wedding. The couple has been together for 30 years already.

Lynn and Eric were dating for a year when Eric popped the question asking for Lynn’s hand for marriage. After their 2 years of engagement, they tied the knot in 1989.

Lynn calls Eric “BigE” and he was eight years senior to her.

Of course, just like any other relationship, the two encountered difficulties, problems, and ups and downs. There came a time when they fought and questioned their relationship for three years. But, look how strong their marriage is now.

When the couple isn’t busy with their professional lives, they love to go on vacation, have trips, and travel with their family. These exotic adventures were mostly posted by Lynn on her social media.

Additionally, Eric and Lyn share two sons. However, Eric already has four sons from his past relationship, but his past wasn’t revealed to the public.

Eric and Lynn got pregnant and gave birth to their first child when Lynn was already 32 and Eric was 40. Their eldest son is named Xavier Mumford, born in 1993. The youngest son is named William Mumford, born in 1996.

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Here are some best photos of Eric Mumford and Lynn Toler.

eric mumford and lynn toler marriage
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lynn toler with husband
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eric mumford with lynn toler
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lynn toler husband
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lynn toler kids
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lynn toler and eric mumford
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eric mumford wife
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eric mumford and lynn toler
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Get to Know Lynn Toler

Lynn Toler, born on October 25, 1959, is a professional lawyer and judge. She is well-known as an arbitrator in the television series, Divorce Court.

Prior to her television spotlight, Lynn worked as a judge in Cleveland.

Lynn attended Harvard University and then went to The University of Pennsylvania Law School. She practiced law in 1984 in Cleveland.

Her first TV appearance was on Power of Attorney in 2000. After that, she appeared on Courage Network, Good Morning Arizona, The Ricki Lake Show, and other shows.

She rose to prominence after appearing on the nationally syndicated television show, Divorce Court. She was a regular on the series from 2001-2019, and her most recent work was on the 2021 TV series The Doctor Is In.

She’s also an executive producer of the TV show Wedlock or Deadlock. As of now, she also co-hosts Marriage Boot Camp on We TV.

Now, the Marriage Boot Camp is in its new season.

More of her television appearance was being a legal and relationship expert on some popular variety shows like The Bill O’Reilly Show, CBS Morning Show, and many more.

Aside from being a lawyer, judge, and host, she is also an author who has written books including My Mother’s Rules, Making Marriage Work, and Put It in Writing.

Net Worth

Surely, Eric is living a lavish life with his famous wife and six children. However, he does not reveal his actual net worth to the public.

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Some reports estimated his net worth at around $1 million, but we are honestly unsure of this. We will surely update you on this one.

In conclusion, it’s difficult to know his exact net worth, but he surely has accumulated a sizable amount of money.

On the other hand, Judge Kynn Toler has a net worth of about $20 million.

As we all know, Lynn Toler is a judge, and it is reported that she is earning $5 million in salary per year.

As a reality TV show host of Divorce Court, she earns a six-figure salary.

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