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What Happened to Usifo Ataga? Info and Pics with Wife

Usifo Ataga is the founder of one of the most successful Nigerian businesses, Super TV, and director of Super Network Limited. 

As a Nigerian entrepreneur, Usifo Ataga has contributed considerably to the development of his home country. 

In this blog post, we’ll be looking into the life and work of this influential Nigerian entrepreneur.

By the end, you’ll also know how this Nigerian businessman was found dead and who was behind this.

So stay tuned!

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Usifo Ataga is a Nigerian entrepreneur who has made a name for himself online.

He is the founder of Super TV, one of the first Nigerian television channels to be available online.

Additionally, he was the chief executive officer (CEO) of Super Network Limited, a media company. 

On an unfortunate day, June 19, 1991, Usifo Ataga was brutally murdered at his home in the state of Kano.

His alleged side chick, Chidinma Ojukwu, has been arrested for his alleged role in the murder.

The Career of Usifo Ataga

Michael Usifo Ataga is a Nigerian entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Super TV, a streaming entertainment platform that provides movies, shows, news, and documentaries.

Super TV has since 2014 become one of Nigeria’s most popular streaming platforms, with over 20 million active monthly users.

In his career, Usifo Ataga has also served as the Chief Executive Officer of Super Network Limited, a telecoms firm.

He has also been a director for Super TV.

Who is the Wife of Usifo Ataga?

Usifo Ataga was an incredible Nigerian entrepreneur and the husband of Brenda Usifo Ataga, a manager in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

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They were married for 5 years and had two children.

However, their marriage has not been a happy one. The two have been living on separate grounds for the past five years, where they believe they are better off apart. 

According to reports, Brenda was still unfaithful to her late husband and had an ongoing affair with one Mr. Izu.

Moreover, some say she had driven a wedge between her husband and his mistress by convincing him they should divorce. Chidinma, the said mistress of Usifo was nicknamed “the killer side chick.”

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Usifo Ataga’s Death

Usifo Ataga, a Nigerian entrepreneur and executive, was reportedly killed by a 21-year-old student, Chidinma Ojukwu after they had an affair.

Chidinma has pleaded not guilty to the murder charges against her, but the details of the murder are still unknown.

Usifo Aluko, a businessman residing in Banana Island, Lagos state, was reported missing by his family and friends on Sunday, June 13, after he didn’t return to his home nor turn up at his office late on the evening of Saturday, June 12.

Usifo’s lifeless body was found floating in the lagoon about a week later, on Friday, June 18, with multiple stab wounds.

Usifo had been seeing this woman for four months, which was supposed to be a secret affair.

He had arranged for them to meet in a flat he rented in Lekki through Airbnb and ended up paying for the place.

However, after his disappearance was reported, the police tracked down the flat’s owner to question him about what had happened.

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It turned out that Usifo had paid for the property, but “someone else” had then paid him. 

After breaking into the apartment, police found evidence of a struggle with no sign of whatever happened after Usifo may have been killed or something that could be related to where he is now.

Chidinma Ojukwu, a 300-level student of Mass Communication, has confessed to beating and stabbing her boyfriend, Usifo Ataga, to death.

According to police reports, the couple had been in an on/off relationship for four months.

Chidinma confessed she had withdrawn N380K from Ataga’s bank account with Usifo’s ATM card.

In a recent turn of events, Chidinma had denied killing Ataga, contrary to her earlier claims when she was paraded by the police when they took her into custody.

Chidinma recorded a video that lasted for around eight minutes and showed her clothed in what appeared to be designer clothes instead of a more typical outfit for someone in police custody.

According to a video of hers that surfaced online, she said Ataga was already killed before she got to the apartment and that she met him dead and did not know who had killed him.

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