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Best Pics of Nicole Garippo with Ian Anthony Dale and Children

It’s very common to be well-known once a person gets into a relationship or marries a celebrity. That’s the same case for Nicole Garippo, who came to the spotlight for marrying the Hawaii Five-O actor, Ian Anthony Dale.

But, even though she’s known as this actor’s wife, she still manages to stay away from the media.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at Nicole Garippo’s life and his life with Ian Anthony Dale.


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Get to Know Nicole Garippo

Nicole Garippo is an entrepreneur and designer born with American citizenship.

Nicole was just an ordinary woman until she met and married her husband, Ian Anthony.

Additionally, Nicole is the co-owner of a sportswear company, Body Language Sportswear.

Other information about Nicole, like her parents, early childhood, and education, is unknown to the public.

As a designer and entrepreneur, Nicole sure made a sizable amount of money from her business. However, her exact net worth remains unknown,

But, her husband, Ian, had a total net worth of $3 million from his acting career. He also earns $750,000 per movie he stars in, which is safe to say that the couple is doing pretty well.

Aside from acting, Ian also produces and directs films. 

Ian Anthony Dale and Nicole Garippo

Ian Anthony Dale married his longtime girlfriend, Nicole Garippo, in October 2016. Their private and intimate wedding is attended by their closest family members, relatives, and friends.

Ian and Nicole dated for two years before finally tying the knot.

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Ian has been very vocal about his love for Nicole, saying that his wife is his best friend and he got lucky to marry his best friend.

Details on how the two met and their relationship are not disclosed to the public. Let’s just be happy that these two lovebirds are happily married.

ian anthony dale wife
Source: Instagram
nicole garippo and ian anthony dale
Source: Instagram
nicole garippo husband
Source: Instagram

Moreover, aside from the great news of their marriage, the couple is now blessed to have their first child in April 2017.

Nicole gave birth to their son, Roman Anthony Dale, on August 24, 2017.

Then, on February 4, 2020, the couple welcomed their second child, a baby girl. However, her name was not revealed to the public.

nicole garippo and ian anthony dale family
Source: Instagram
ian anthony dale children
Source: Instagram
ian anthony dale family
Source: Instagram
nicole garippo children
Source: Instagram
nicole garippo family
Source: Instagram

Even though Nicole is a little private about her information and life, she mostly shares photos of herself and her family on her Instagram profile,

She recently shared their family Hawaii trip.

Ian Anthony Dale

Ian Anthony Dale is an American actor best known for his role in Hawaii Five-0 as Adam Noshimuri.

Moreover, he starred in popular shows like Charmed and The Mentalist.

If you might not know, Ian is of Japanese, French, and English descent, as his mother was born in Japan, while his father is an English and French man.

Ian considered himself an Asian-American, but this guy was born in Minnesota.

Before his career as an actor, Ian worked as a carpenter when he moved to LA. He had always dreamed of becoming an actor but wasn’t very successful at first.

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Then came his first TV role in the show Fastlane. Ian starred as Jackson Yu in the episode Mighty Blue in 2002. 

This small part of his appearance was a stepping stone for him. So, he stars in single episodes of Angle and JAG. Then he played Avatar Gamma in his first role in multiple episodes of Charmed.

In most of his projects, he has played a detective. He also voiced for three video games, Ricky Wong of Sleeping Dogs and Marvin The Thief of the game Battlefield Hardline.

He also worked on Call of Duty by providing voices to some characters of the game.

Aside from acting, Ian also directs and produces projects. He once directed an episode of Hawaii 5-0 of its 10th season. Through this, it allowed Ian to explore and work in the environment.

Ian was not only an actor in different shows, but he also had his hand on big screens.

To know more about Ian’s projects, here are some of his roles and the films and tv shows he starred:

  • Fukuda – Mr.3000
  • Instructor – The Bucket List
  • Chow #1 – The Hangover
  • Detective Jones – Lollipops
  • Kazuya Mishima – Tekken
  • Lance – Flying Lessons
  • Hanzo Hasashi – Mortal Kombatt: Rebirth
  • Anders – ZOZO
  • Ben Jacobs – Wakefield
  • Davis Lee – Surface
  • Detective Christopher Choi – Day Break
  • Detective Owen Kim – Criminal Minds
  • David Kwon – Without a Trace
  • Tomi – The Walking Dead
  • DA Louis Bravo – All Rise
  • Adam Noshimuri – Magnum P.I.
  • Harris Edwards – Salvation
  • Henry Dalton – Hart of Dixie
  • Nathaniel Kim – The Mentalist

Ian Anthony Dale and Nicole Garippo: FAQs

What is Ian Anthony Dale’s ethnicity?

Ian Anthony Dale has Japanese, French, and English descent. His mother is of Japanese descent, while his father is of English And French descent.

Who is Ian Anthony Dale’s father?

Jack Dale is the father of the American actor Ian Anthony Dale. Jack Dale used to play ice hockey for the Minnesota Golden Gophers and went on to compete in the 1968 Winter Olympics.

What does Nicole Garippo do for a living?

Nicole Garippo is working as a businesswoman and a fashion designer. She co-owns Body Language Sportswear which features high-end and luxury sportswear pieces.

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