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Info and Pics of Todd Beamer and Lisa Beamer with Family

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Todd Beamer is famous for many reasons, but the most famous thing he is probably known for is his role in the American Airlines Flight 93, which was hijacked on September 11, 2001.

Despite the heroic efforts of all the passengers and crew on board, Beamer did not survive the terrorist attack that destroyed the World Trade Center.

As you can imagine, Todd Beamer is one of the most fascinating people in the world, and his story deserves to be more widely known.

Let’s take a closer look at what happened to him on 9/11 and find out everything we can about this hero’s life.

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Todd Beamer was a passenger on United Airlines Flight 93 when it was hijacked on September 11, 2001.

Todd Morgan Beamer was born on November 24, 1968, and died on September 11, 2001, as a passenger on United Airlines Flight 93.

He was an American passenger aboard United Airlines Flight 93, which was hijacked and crashed as part of the September 11 attacks in 2001.

As one of the few people on board who knew how to fly the plane, Todd helped to thwart the hijacking and save the lives of all passengers on board.

Todd was one of the passengers who attempted to regain control of the aircraft from the hijackers. He is credited with helping to thwart the hijacking and save the lives of all passengers on board.

Todd Beamer will be remembered as a hero and a symbol of courage, strength, and resolve.

Todd Beamer
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Todd Beamer 9/11
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What Happened to Todd Beamer on 9/11?

Todd Beamer was one of the passengers on American Airlines Flight 11, hijacked by terrorists and crashed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

He is famously known for saying “Let’s roll” just seconds before the plane hit the towers, inspiring many people to live their lives to the fullest and never give up hope.

After 9/11, Todd dedicated his life to helping others learn from what happened and help prevent future attacks. 

Todd’s work required him to travel up to four times a month – sometimes for as long as a week.

On one particularly exceptional day in 2001, he earned a five-day trip to Italy with his wife for being a top sales performer.

They returned home on Monday at 5:00 pm EDT. They had a flight out of Newark the very next morning on Tuesday with plans to return that night on a red-eye flight after attending a business meeting with Sony, which started at 1:00 pm EDT, giving them plenty of time to make it back home by the end of the night.

On September 11, he helped liberate passengers from the jetliner before it crashed into the Twin Towers.

His heroic actions have been memorialized in the movie United 93, which is set to be released in theaters this year.

Todd Beamer’s life and death serve as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and the importance of community.

Who is the Wife of Todd Beamer?

While in college at Wheaton, Beamer met Lisa Brosious during a senior seminar class.

A decade later, they would celebrate the anniversary of their very first date on November 2, 2001. Still, Todd died in a tragic plane crash.

On May 14, 1994, they married and moved to Plainsboro, New Jersey, where Beamer was a representative for Oracle Corporation and sold systems applications and database software.

While in New Jersey, Beamer and his better half took on the duties of teaching Sunday school at Princeton Alliance Church for six years.

Todd Beamer was one of the most beloved and respected people in the United States. He was known for his incredible heroism during the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

On September 11, 2001, Beamer was a flight attendant on American Airlines Flight 11, the first plane to be hijacked. 

Lisa lost her husband, Todd. Together they had two sons, David and Andrew.

Todd Beamer family
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Four months after Todd’s death during Flight 93, Lisa gave birth to their daughter Morgan.

In an address to a joint session of Congress and the American people on September 20, 2001, which Lisa Beamer attended, President Bush praised the courage of United 93’s passengers, mentioning that Todd is an exceptional man.

Years after his death, Lisa has written a book about their life together, Let’s Roll! Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage.

Todd Beamer let's roll
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In it, she reveals many details about Beamer’s life, including the story of how they met, the first date they had, and the anniversary they planned to celebrate.

Todd Beamer, one of the passengers, displayed extraordinary bravery and heroism. 

Today, his story is remembered for its inspirational message of heroism and camaraderie.

His story shows us that, in the face of danger, people can unite to fight for something worthwhile.

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