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Info and Pics of Clarence Thomas and Wife

Clarence Thomas is a retired Justice of the United States Supreme Court. He was nominated by President George Bush, and he was approved by the Senate on September 17, 1991. Since his appointment, Clarence Thomas has served on the court and is the second African-American to serve on the Supreme Court. Over the years, Clarence has been one of the most controversial figures not only in the world of law but in the world of politics. Clarence Thomas is a very interesting and well-rounded individual, so let’s get to know him more.


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Thomas was born on June 23, 1948, in Georgia and was a student of both Holy Cross College and Yale University. He graduated in 1975, entering the legal profession after studying. Thomas was made Assistant Attorney in 1974 and later became a private practice in Missouri. He worked as Legislative Assistant to Senator Danforth in 1979 before being appointed as Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights to President Ronald Reagan in 1981-1982.

The Rise to Fame of Clarence Thomas

President George H. W. Bush nominated Thomas, previously a Judge of the United States Court of Appeals, to the Supreme Court after Justice Marshall had reached retirement age and announced he would be leaving his position as a Justice. His confirmation hearings were controversial, to say the least, but he was eventually appointed by President Bush largely due to his ideological beliefs. Throughout his time on America’s most powerful court, Thomas has remained committed to serving as an unwavering voice for conservative values in the highest echelons of American culture.

Clarence Thomas and Wife Virginia Lamp

For everyone to know, Clarence Thomas was married twice. His first wife was Kathy Grace Ambush, his college sweetheart. The two got married in 1971 and had a child named Jamal Adeen. However, Clarence and Grace separated in 1981 and got divorced in 1984.

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Clarence married a lobbyist, Virginia Lamp, in 1987. Virginia was then an aide to Republican Congressman Dick Armey. The couple took Thomas’ great-nephew, Mark Martin. 

Virginia “Ginni” is currently active in conservative politics. She’s serving as the Heritage Foundation’s consultant. She’s also the president and founder of Liberty Central. Ginni stepped down in 2011 and opened a conservative lobbying firm. 

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Clarence Thomas Controversy

Anita Hill accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his confirmation hearings. A bitter battle began over Thomas’ nomination to the Supreme Court, with allegations being thrown back and forth between both sides. Those in support of Thomas asserted that Anita Hill had lied about her allegations as a last resort to prevent a black conservative from sitting on the Supreme Court. At the same time, those on the other side thought it was absolutely essential that Thomas was not confirmed in light of these allegations. 

Supreme Court experts characterize Thomas’s beliefs and behavior as conservative even by the standards of his conservative peers. They believe he is both a traditionalist and a very realistic critic of the modern world. He adheres to natural law, among other things.

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