You are currently viewing Best 11 Pictures Of Sean Whalen With His Wife & Family

Best 11 Pictures Of Sean Whalen With His Wife & Family

Let’s get to know the Lions Not Sheep’s Sean Whalen!

Sean Whalen is a father, #1 best-selling author, and the founder and CEO of the #1 business networking app, Meetrz.

Sean doesn’t have a very pleasant childhood growing up. He’s in a single-parent home, and he set big goals for himself. He started working in real estate and became a millionaire in his mid-20s. But, Sean experienced financial difficulties like anyone else. He lost assets, money, and his home. What’s even worse is a divorce. But despite these negativities, he stood back up and worked on his mental and physical well-being. So, he started the Lions Not Sheep movement.

In this post, you will find the best 11 pictures of Sean Whalen with his wife and children.


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The Rise to Fame of Sean Whalen

In Lions Not Sheep, Sean coaches men and women, CEOs and entrepreneurs, scaling their businesses while also scaling their home life. At 30, Sean became a self-made multimillionaire. He aims to build a business and personal life at the same time, and he learned what working 20-hour workdays looked like while being a CEO, a husband, and a dad. Sean coaches executives, and now Lions Not Sheep has a global clothing line, Baja race team, coaching, and events.

Sean’s app, Meetrz, is a business networking app that creates instant meetups and meetings by simply connecting with business people or open-minded individuals. Additionally, Sean owns a coaching company named: The Lion’s Den.” Through this program, he found the importance of integrity, honesty, and emotions. Aside from that, he also hosted a podcast, The Sean and Sax. 

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Sean received honors and awards because of his works. He became Amazon’s #1 Best Selling Author of his book “How to Make Sh*t Happen,” which is his first book tackling a powerful business and life guide. He’s also featured on 40 under 40 of Utah Business Magazine and 6th Fastest Growing Company in Utah by Bennett Publication. He was also recognized for his Core 4 methodology: Power, Passion, Purpose, and Production. 

Sean Whalen and his Wife, Saxony

Entrepreneur Sean Whalen tied the knot with Saxony Whale in February 2021. Sean Whalen is a father to five children, four sons, and a daughter. Sean was married before to Summer Williams, where he had his three children.

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Sean Whalen With His Wife
Sean Whalen With His Wife
Sean Whalen With His Wife
Sean Whalen With His Wife

Get to Know Saxony Whalen

Saxony Dipo was born on August 16, 1983, in Utah, United States. She attended Brighton High School, and in 2003, she joined Citadel Financial Group / Avid Mortgage as a loan officer. After 3 years, she joined Wells Fargo Bank, and from 2011, she worked there in several positions. Before she left the job, she founded Sink or Swim, a company that specializes in real estate design and services. 

In 2014, Saxony pursued an education at the University of Utah and studied Business Administration. As of 2021, she worked as a realtor in Sandy and Salt Lake City, and her association with Equity Real Estate LLC began in 2015.

Sean Whalen With His Wife
Sean Whalen With His Wife
Sean Whalen With His Wife

Saxony is athletic and has participated in several physical events. She’s always in the gym, competes in many physical activities, and does weightlifting. She also competed in TSC Spring 2016.

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Saxony is a single mother who raised two boys. Her first son was Tyne, which she had when she was only 19. Then he met his now-husband, Sean Whalen.

In 2021, Saxony and her husband Sean started a podcast together named The Sean and Sax Show.

Sean Whalen with his wife and five children

Sean Whalen with his wife and five children

Sean Whalen’s four sons

Sean Whalen's four sons

Sean Whalen with his daughter

Sean Whalen with his daughter
Sean Whalen with his daughter

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