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Rare Pics Of The HodgeTwins With Their Sister & Family

The HodgeTwins were American stand-up comedy duo and brothers who have made a name for themselves doing commentary on all things political. Keith and Kevin Hodge became popular on YouTube, but 2016 marked their debut as touring stand-up comedians.

They are known as a fitness duo who started their comedy channel and gradually created content about fitness and relationships. They gain popularity because of their humorous content and conservative political views. Because of this, they reached a number of followers up until the presidential elections. 

Kevin and Keith were born in Martinsville, Virginia, on September 17, 1975, and were the youngest in the family. They grew up in a low-income family, making them shoplift to have food on the table. With great motivation, they passed through college, joined the United States Marine Corps, and worked several jobs. 


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The Rise to Fame of The HodgeTwins

The rise to fame of these twins was in 2008 when they uploaded their first video on YouTube of an argument in a restroom. With their funny and engaging content, they gained tons of subscribers, and since then, they have been known as “The HodgeTwins.”

Eventually, they added fresh and relatable content like fitness, politics, and relationship advice to the public.

In this post, you will find rare photos of the HodgeTwins’ family. Keith and Kevin Hodge have two siblings, one older brother, and one younger sister.

  • Mother’s name: Christine Hodge
  • Sister’s name: Rosalyn Hodge
  • Older brother’s name: Timmy Hodge

The Hodgetwins with their sister Rosalyn Hodge

Keith and Kevin have older siblings, Rosalyn Hodge and Timmy Hodge. Their public information and details aren’t much shared with the public.

The Hodgetwins with their sister Rosalyn Hodge

Rosalyn Hodge

The Hodgetwins' sister Rosalyn Hodge
The Hodgetwins' sister Rosalyn Hodge
The Hodgetwins' sister Rosalyn Hodge

With their mother, Christine Hodge and two siblings, Timmy and Rosalyn Hodge

Nothing much is known about their parents, except their mother named Christine Hodge. Reports say that they lost their mother way back in 2013, and there’s nothing to share about their father.

The Hodgetwins with their mother and brother and sister
The Hodgetwins' mother and brother and sister

Rare photo of the twins with their two siblings, Timmy and Rosalyn Hodge

Rare photo of the Hodgetwins with their two siblings, Timmy and Rosalyn Hodge

Facts about the HodgeTwins

  • The HodgeTwins enlisted in the Marine Corps.
  • In 2013, their YouTube subscribers increased to over half a million.
  • The Hodge twins are certified ISSA trainers and made it onto the front page of TRAIN magazine for their accomplishments in the fitness industry!
  • They are vocal conservatives.
  • The twins are supporters of Donal Trump, and they appeared on Trump’s webcast, Real News Update.
  • They oppose the Black Lives Matter organization.

Are Hodgetwins rich?

The HodgeTwins accumulate big through their YouTube pay, fitness work, and comedies. They have an estimated net worth of $3.8 million.

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Why are the Hodgetwins famous?

Kevin and Keith Hodge are famous for their stand-up comedy content, conservative politics, fitness, and relationship tips. They became famous on YouTube as “The HodgeTwins” and had millions of subscribers on the platform. They are one of the most popular YouTube channels.

Which Hodge twin has scar on his forehead?

You can definitely know which is which with the HodgeTwins. Kevin Hodge has a scar on his head, so you will instantly know Keith and Kevin.

Do the Hodgetwins have degrees?

Despite their situation before starting YouTube, they graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finance from the American InterContinental University.

Are the HodgeTwins married?

Yes, they are long married to their spouses. Keith Hodge married Elizabeth in 2000, while Kevin married Candy, which was kept secret in a year they tied the knot.


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