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Who Is Danielle Canty’s Husband? (Info & Pics)

Danielle Canty was born in August 1988. She is a Co-Founder and COO of BossBabe with Natalie Ellis. Danielle Canty graduated from the University of South Wales with a degree in Chiropractic.

Danielle Canty is the president of BossBabe, and she’s done a great job of scaling the company from a start-up to a multi-million dollar corporation in just two years. Along the way, she’s managed to develop industry-recognized thought leadership, specifically in creating and scaling a brand. She enjoys taking walks on the beach, making lists with a cup of freshly ground coffee, and organizing her travel toiletry bag.

Danielle is experienced in all things growth strategy, operations, and memberships. With millions of people subscribed to the Bossbabe newsletter and over $5 million in revenue, Danielle has been strong in creating customer-driven products for ambitious women. When she was 22, Danielle started her first business, which was a success. She soon became a serial, international, seven-figure entrepreneur. Today, she is the COO and President at BossBabe.

In this post, you will find information and pictures of Danielle Canty’s husband.


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The Rise to Fame of Danielle Canty

Danielle had an impressive career as a chiropractor at a young age, and she was already a shareholder in one of the UK’s fastest-growing primary health care brands at the age of 25. But in 2016, she realized that “money isn’t happiness.” And so, she quit her job to pursue wellness and mental health full-time.

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For Danielle, her life was changed forever when her father had an accident. She found herself agreeing to 15-minute appointments, and she realized that this way of life was not for her. Instead, money was only the means to an end — what she needed to do in order to live a life in which she could realize her dreams. This realization led her to start BossBabe, where she would help other women leaders reach the same goal.

Natalie Ellis had an idea to create a membership society for female entrepreneurs. Danielle was instantly dreamy-eyed over the idea. She did her research and then jumped on a call with Natalie. The two were lucky to find each other, and the rest is history.

Get to Know Gregg Pugh

Gregg Pugh is the go-to biohacker for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and high-achievers. A Doctor of Chiropractic and health consultant, Gregg specializes in biohacking and has helped many elite entrepreneurs, executives, and athletes achieve their goals. His clinic is located in Ridgeway.

Photos of Danielle Canty with her husband Gregg Pugh

Danielle Canty with her husband Gregg Pugh
Danielle Canty with her husband Gregg Pugh
Danielle Canty with her husband Gregg Pugh
Danielle Canty with her husband Gregg Pugh
Danielle Canty with her husband Gregg Pugh
Danielle Canty with her husband Gregg Pugh
Danielle Canty with her husband Gregg Pugh
Danielle Canty with her husband Gregg Pugh

Is BossBabe an MLM?

MLM — that stands for multi-level marketing. The term “boss babe” has been given to these women who promote MLM businesses, although it can technically be applied to anyone with an MLM business.

What is BossBabe culture?

Boss babe culture has been the topic of a lot of critiques. However, it can have a number of benefits for women in the workforce. For example, it can encourage women to pursue entrepreneurship and business in a typically male-dominated field. But this culture is not perfect. Boss babes also shine a light on the realities that many women, particularly BIPOC women, face discrimination and inequalities within this world.


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