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Top 10 Pictures Of Greg Doucette With His Girlfriend

Greg Doucette is a nutritional consultant and personal trainer who has been helping people achieve their fitness goals for more than 18 years.

Greg is an internationally published author and the Guinness World Record holder for the world’s most weight ever bench pressed by a teenager (2007), as well as for the longest bench-press duration on top of two trucks in 30-degree heat at an IFBB exhibition (2015).

He shares tips on his website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram profile, and Snapchat profile, allowing him to reach thousands of clients across many different countries.

Let’s get to know him more.

In this post, you will find the best 10 pictures we could find of Greg Doucette with his girlfriend, Allyson Smith.


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A Timeline of Greg Doucette’s Fitness Journey

Greg Doucette has been lifting heavy things since he was a child. When he was seven years old, he caught the iron bug after watching the Olympic weightlifters on television. 

Greg started following in his dad’s footsteps of lifting weights and building strength by working out with heavy objects like cement blocks, steel rods, and so on.

When Greg was 10, his dad got injured and stopped training completely, so Greg continued to build up his strength.

But only a year later, when he was 11, all the constant hard work began to pay off when Greg lifted something unimaginably heavy one day, which made everyone rethink how strong this little boy could be!

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When Greg turned 13, he first discovered bodybuilding when sitting on the couch watching an episode of That’s Incredible! featuring a teen competing in bodybuilding.

Greg was already training for some time and knew he would one day be up on stage displaying the sculpted physique he had worked hard to build.

He balanced both strength and physique pursuits, competing in both powerlifting and bodybuilding in his teenage years and well into his forties.

Greg has set national and world records along the day, won national and international competitions and earned his IFBB pro bodybuilding card in 2012. 

Greg is not only a decorated athlete and bodybuilder but also a student of sports science.

After spending 6 years studying the science of human anatomy and movement, he earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in kinesiology.

Greg is a coach who helps people grow stronger.

Previously a formal education and now 2+ decades-long something, Greg puts this to help people change.

Beginners and pros get better for bodybuilding or powerlifting; or general fitness.

He’s been showing prep help and coaching online and in-person for over a decade working with thousands of people.

Recently, Greg has expanded his influence on social media beyond his one-on-one coaching to online sites.

He started with YouTube, where he reached more than a million subscribers, and his videos have been viewed more than 300 million times throughout the site’s existence, reaching people all over the world.

Who is Greg Doucette’s Girlfriend?

Greg Doucette and Allyson Smith’s relationship is still a mystery, but thanks to research from all over the world, we can now confirm that they most likely started dating through weightlifting when they met in the gym.

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We have also been able to find out that Greg met his girlfriend at the gym as she used to compete in bodybuilding competitions and even won a record-breaking Raw Powerlifting Championship!

Ally is a WPC World Record raw powerlifter, bodybuilding judge, and Youtuber. Ally’s Youtube channel: All About Ally

Scroll down to see all 10 pictures of Greg Doucette’s girlfriend, Allyson Smith


Greg Doucette's girlfriend Allyson Smith


Greg Doucette's girlfriend Allyson Smith


Greg Doucette's girlfriend Allyson Smith


Greg Doucette's girlfriend Allyson Smith


Greg Doucette's girlfriend Allyson Smith


Greg Doucette's girlfriend Allyson Smith


Greg Doucette's girlfriend Allyson Smith


Greg Doucette's girlfriend Allyson Smith


Greg Doucette's girlfriend Allyson Smith


Greg Doucette's girlfriend Allyson Smith

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