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Info and Pics of Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco

Jeremy Renner is one of the world’s most famous and successful actors. Known for his roles in blockbuster films like “The Avengers” and “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol”, Jeremy Renner is a household name.

In this blog, we’ll be doing a comprehensive overview of the actor, from his history and why he’s famous to the wife he married, and everything in between!

So if you’re curious about the famous Jeremy Renner, read on and learn everything you need to know!


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Jeremy Renner is a famous actor who has starred in a variety of movies over the years. He is an American actor born on January 7, 1971.

After attending Modesto Junior College, he studied computer science and criminology. However, his drama class as an elective led him to pursue acting full-time. 

His early roles included small roles in movies like The Town and American Hustle before he got his big break in 2011 with the role of Steve in the movie Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Since then, Jeremy Renner has continued to star in a variety of movies, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie The Avengers as Hawkeye. 

The Rise to Fame of Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner is one of the most famous actors in the world.

His career began making appearances in films such as Dahmer and Neo Ned and got his start by playing secondary roles in bigger-budgeted movies, such as S.W.A.T and 28 Weeks Later.

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Jeremy Renner has garnered a lot of success in his career and is widely known for his involvement with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He started his career in various roles as an actor, but then he also established a very successful career.

After making his debut in the 1995 comedy film National Lampoon’s Senior Trip, where he played an underachieving student who threw a house party while his parents were away, Jeremy went on to star in two television series.

The first was Deadly Games, a Canadian-American action-drama series, and the second was Strange Luck.

Then he had a minor role as one of Paul Hewitt’s friends in the television film A Friend’s Betrayal.

Jeremy has nabbed some big acting roles in his life – but none of them compare to the nominations he received at awards ceremonies for his performances.

First, Jeremy was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Town. Then he was nominated again at a different ceremony for Best Actor for playing a character called Seal Team Six Leader in the film The Hurt Locker.

One of his best-known movies is when he played Clint Barton or Hawkeye, a member of the Avengers in several Marvel Cinematic Universe films beginning in 2011, including the central title role in the Disney+ series Hawkeye.

Who is the Wife of Jeremy Renner?

Jeremy tied the knot with model Sonni Pacheco.

Jeremy and Sonni had a daughter named Ava Berlin on March 28, 2013, whom they share custody of.

See photos of Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco with their daughter.

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On December 30, 2014, Pacheco filed for divorce from him just after 10 months they secretly married. The two split up over ‘irreconcilable differences.

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Sonni accused Jeremy of threatening to kill her. 

According to court documents, Sonni expressed that Jeremy put a gun into his mouth and threatened to kill himself. She also alleged that the actor fired the weapon into the ceiling while their child was asleep in the adjoining bedroom.

She expressed in her court filing that their nanny also heard him say he wanted to kill Sonni and then himself because “it was better than Ava had no parents than to have Sonni as a mother.”

At this moment, Jeremy remains single.

Here is the latest from Jeremy Renner:

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