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Info and Pics of Dr. Charlotte Brown and Travis Stork

Not all marriages last long, especially when, after years together, you find out that there are some things that partners don’t understand. That after your relationship, transitioning to marriage, getting to know each other wasn’t enough because everything will be different when both are married.

Similar things happen to celebrities, too, Like Dr. Charlotte Brown and TV personality Dr. Travis Lane Stork, who got married but divorced.

Let’s find out everything about these two and what happened to their marriage.


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Dr. Charlotte Brown is a doctor and pediatrician who became well known after her divorce from doctor and TV personality Travis Lane Stork.

This doctor currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, and lives a private life.

Other information about her family and early life also remains private.

Dr. Charlotte went to Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and received her medical degree. She’s one of the many doctors at the university and has been practicing for many years now.

The Career of Dr. Charlotte Brown

As mentioned, Dr. Charlotte is a doctor. She is a pediatrician with a degree from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

She’s working at the Rock Creek Medical Office. She’s also working as an assistant professor of Clinical Pediatrics, and she’s experienced in the field. Additionally, she is a certified pediatrician in Nashville, Tennessee.

As a pediatrician specialist, she treats children, infants, and adolescents and takes care of their needs in different developmental stages. She’s been in practice for around ten years.

Charlotte Brown and Travis Lane Stork

Dr. Charlotte was married before to a tv personality and doctor, Travis Lane Stork. The two tied the knot on June 30, 2012, after being together for a long time.

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They had a simple ceremony in the hills of Colorado, attended by their family and close friends.

Both of them never talked about their relationship, wedding, and marriage to the media, but many were a little updated since Travis shared some glimpses on his social media.

Dr. Travis once posted that he ended his bachelor’s life and is already married to the love of his life, Charlotte.

Information about how these lovebirds met was unknown, but sources claimed they met through a common friend. Others reported that the two met while on vacation in Hawaii.

Dr. Charlotte and Dr. Travis had been in a relationship for three years when Travis popped the question at a beach in Hawaii when they had a romantic getaway.

Many learned about their engagement as they took a picture together, held hands, and announced it in 2011.

The couple didn’t have any children in their three years of marriage. There is still no information about their marriage.

However, the two find it hard to keep their married life for a long time and decide to end things after three years of marriage.

Dr. Charlotte and Travis divorced on March 25, 2015, and the pair never opened up about the cause or reason for their divorce. Though, many assumed that it was ended due to amicable terms.

After their divorce, Dr. Charlotte maintained a private life. Any rumors or information about who she is dating after divorce or if she has already found a new partner is not revealed. She kept herself away from the limelight and enjoyed being free and single.

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On the other hand, her ex-husband, Travis, married Parris Bell.

Currently, the new couple is expecting a child together. Both of them shared this news on their respective accounts.

Get to Know Travis Lane Stork

Like Dr. Charlotte Brown, Travis is also a doctor. What differs them both is that Travis participated in some popular series like The Doctors and The Bachelor.

Travis starred in the 8th Season of the popular series, The Bachelor, filmed in Paris.

In the show, Travis gives the final rose to a school teacher named Sarah Stone. Travis also did not propose to her with an engagement ring but put a ring on a necklace instead.

Dr. Travis and Sarah started their relationship but broke up shortly. After the show, they got back together but broke up again after two years.

After that, Travis went back to his residency at Vanderbilt. He began practicing in the emergency department and moved to work in a hospital in Colorado.

Travis then created a daytime talk show, The Doctors, featuring three physicians and discussing health issues.

Moreover, he became a frequent collaborator of Dr. Phill. 

Because of this and the success of his many shows, he won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show in 2010.

Travis began working on MDLive as a chairman of its board for two years. Aside from TV and being a doctor, he’s also an author and wrote several books about health like The Lean Belly Prescription and The Doctor’s Diet.

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Charlotte Brown’s Net Worth

We all know that Charlotte is a doctor who specializes as a pediatrician. She currently works at the Rock Creek Medical Office.

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As a doctor, it is sure that she makes a sizable amount of money, though her exact net worth and salary were not disclosed to the public. But, many are sure that Dr. Charlotte earns a six-digit salary.

Sources claimed that she has an estimated net worth of $350,000 to $500,000.

Meanwhile, her ex-husband, Travis, has a net worth of around $12 million due to his work as a doctor and TV personality.

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