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Rare Photos of Larry the Cable Guy and His Family

We all have our favorite comedians, regardless of where we’re from, our culture, tastes, or upbringing. There is one comedian you may have heard of in the comedy scene in the US. That person is called Larry the Cable Guy.

This is a guide to getting to know a little more about this comedian and some reasons why you may want to follow him. 


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A lot of people don’t know about Larry the Cable Guy. He is a comedian and actor who is famous for his Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Larry the Cable Guy’s real name is Daniel Lawrence Whitney. He was born in Nebraska, in the USA, on February 17, 1963.

One of the world’s most successful and well-known comedians, Larry has won two Grammy Awards for his comedy albums, most notably for “Lord, I Apologize” – a parody of Michael W. Smith’s “Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good.”

The Rise to Fame of Larry the Cable Guy

Larry the Cable Guy, made appearances on The Ron and Ron regularly show during the early 1990s and on other well-known radio shows. 

Initially, before his rise to fame, he performed stand-up under his real name with limited success, however, after developing the Cable Guy character, which is a persona he maintains throughout his stage act.

This individual’s appearance has stereotypical redneck qualities and a thick Southern accent. Eye-catching stories about this “family” member are recounted by them to any audience present – most of which include the phrases “Ya know I say…Git-R-Done!”

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Larry the Cable Guy is one of the few comedians with seven albums certified gold (including three in the 4× Multi-Platinum range) and three certified platinum by the RIAA.

He is also one of the few to have multiple Comedy Central specials and was the 2007 winner of Comedy Central’s “Stand-Up Showdown.

Since starting out in the entertainment business in 1999, Larry the Cable Guy has been at the top of his game in the entertainment business. With a career as a comedian, actor, and host, he has built up a huge wealth of experience and is now worth over $60 million.

Larry the Cable Guy and Cara Whitney

Larry the Cable Guy, a comedic actor, and his wife Cara, have been married since 2005. Together, they have two kids: son Wyatt, born in 2008, and daughter Reagan born in 2011. The Whitney family lives on a 180-acre farm near Lincoln, Nebraska.

Larry met Cara on a local radio station in Los Angeles. Cara was then a DJ. 

Cara Whitney is an American author and a radio DJ. She worked in a local radio station in Los Angeles, and after getting married, she has not worked as a DJ since.

Apart from that, Cara also published some books, including a book entitled: Unbridled Faith Devotions for Young Readers. This book is for children aged 8 to 12 years old.

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During the month of September 2010, Whitney donated $5 million to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, Florida. It was a gift to further the development of their International Hip Dysplasia Institute at that location. After Dr. Chad Price at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children helped cure their infant son, Wyatt, of his dysplasia when he was still an infant, Whitney and his wife came together privately to make special donations to the hospital, and then Whitney went ahead with charity events like making appearances on “Family Feud & Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” later on.

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