You are currently viewing Rare Photos Of Jordan Syatt Proposing to His Girlfriend

Rare Photos Of Jordan Syatt Proposing to His Girlfriend

Jordan Syatt is a fitness coach, an American personal trainer, and a bodybuilder. He is a well-known personal trainer of many social media personalities. He was born on May 8, 1991, in Boston, Massachusetts, and worked in the industry for many years. He holds a degree in Health and Behavior Science focusing on strength and conditioning at the University of Delaware.

In this post, you will find pictures of Jordan Syatt (syattfitness) proposing to his girlfriend.


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The Rise to Fame of Jordan Syatt

Jordan Syatt said his fitness passion started at an early age. His mother signed him up for a wrestling camp when he was eight years old, and as he learned more about it, he could not throw away his interest in it. He jokes that there were no standards since this game didn’t have any reference to WWE then.

Jordan is the owner of Syatt Fitness. He holds several IPA Powerlifting World Records, too. He’s a Precision Nutrition Certified, Westside-Barbell Certified, and a freelance writer. He’s been featured in many publications like Muscle & Fitness Magazine, T-Nation, and Men’s Fitness Magazine.

Jordan built his own podcast and YouTube channel. His podcast is called The Jordan’s Syatt Mini-Podcast, and it mainly tackles fitness, workout, nutrition, and gym. His YouTube channel also shares the same topics about fitness and nutrition, but its main purpose is to build confidence in his viewers and motivate them.

Jordan Syatt’s Relationship

Lee is one of Jordan’s regulars, and they officially met during one festival. He found Lee walking, and they started to talk, call and text each other until 3 am. He proposed to Lee after dating for so long, and now they are happily married.

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Take a look at these beautiful pictures of Jordan Syatt proposing to his girlfriend

Jordan Syatt (syattfitness) proposing to his girlfriend
Jordan Syatt (syattfitness) with his girlfriend
Jordan Syatt (syattfitness) with his girlfriend
Jordan Syatt's girlfriend
Jordan Syatt (syattfitness) proposing to his girlfriend
Jordan Syatt's girlfriend
Jordan Syatt (syattfitness) proposing to his girlfriend
Jordan Syatt's girlfriend

Facts About Jordan Syatt

  • He was born and raised in America
  • Syatt used to hate school when he was in college
  • He used to work for Louie Simmons by cleaning floors, walking the dogs, and more. 
  • Louie Simmons pushed Syatt to do a Sumo deadlift.
  • He is a five-times World Record Powerlifter
  • He is Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal trainer
  • He earned a 27th-degree black belt in chugging coffee
  • Syatt is known as a huge mama’s boy
  • He wishes to be a wizard

FAQs: Jordan Syatt

Who is Jordan Syatt?

Jordan Syatt is a personal trainer who has worked in the fitness industry for five years and manages a website dedicated to health and wellness. Syatt received his Bachelor of Science degree in Health & Behavior Science with a focus in Strength & Conditioning from The University of Pittsburgh.

Where is Jordan Syatt from?

Jordan Syatt is from Boston, Massachusetts.

How many calories should I eat Jordan Syatt?

Syatt suggests a healthy diet of 1800 calories a day for active individuals. Depending on your personal situation and what you may have planned for the day, he recommends additional calories to get your total calorie count to 2000.


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