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Never Seen Pics Of Dave Asprey With His Wife & Family

Dave Asprey was born on October 30, 1973, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He attended California State University and graduated with an undergraduate degree in computer information systems. He later went to Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned his MBA. He worked in different IT companies, including 3Com and Bradshaw. He ran the Internet and Web Engineering program at the University of California, where he first worked in cloud computing.

In this post, you will find information and pictures of Dave Asprey’s wife and children.


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The Rise to Fame of Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey created Bulletproof Coffee. He is famous for his book, The Bulletproof Diet, the New York Times bestseller. He is also a biohacker and hid Bulletproof Radio ranked #1 podcast on iTunes. In 2015, Asprey also ranked the 11th most influential voice in health. Moreover, he is a former entrepreneur of Silicon Valley, an investor, and a computer security expert. He created the first cloud computing services and worked for Sand Hill Road VC Firm. He is recognized as the first human to sell online. 

Dave worked with world-class researchers, doctors, scientists, and global mavericks to find the latest and innovative techniques and methods for mental and physical performance. Many called him “Father of Biohacking” because of his great contributions to the longest-running biohacking conference.

Dave Asprey’s Wife, Lana

Asprey is a married man to Lana. He met his wife at an anti-aging conference. Currently, they are living together in Canada. He has spoken about how biohacking has positively impacted his sexual health. The couple now has a daughter and a son.

Take a look at these rare photos of Dave Asprey and his wife Lana Asprey

Dave Asprey and his wife Lana Asprey
Dave Asprey and his wife Lana Asprey

Get to Know Lana Asprey

Lana Asprey MD is a physician. She is the author of “The Better Baby Book: How to Have a Healthier, Smarter, Happier Baby.” Lana studied economics at Stockholm School of Economics and earned her Master of Economics and Business Administration. She specializes in women’s wellness and fertility. This is by the use of functional medicine. She’s also a former director of Global Market Development at Corventis Inc. She also graduated as a Medical Doctor at Karolinska Institute.

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This mother of two is a Karolinska-trained physician for a healthy pregnancy. She also practiced medicine and internal medicine in Stockholm. She helps couples in fertility to have healthier pregnancies by using natural techniques. She shared this in her book The Better Baby Book. With all the consultations she had with many couples who struggle, she understood the environment, health, and diet.

Dave Asprey's wife Lana Asprey
Dave Asprey's wife Lana Asprey
Dave Asprey and his wife Lana Asprey
Dave Asprey and his wife Lana Asprey
Dave Asprey's wife Lana Asprey

Dave Asprey with his two children

Dave Asprey with his two children
Dave Asprey's two children

Dave’s mission is to empower the world with knowledge about being a superhuman of any age. This includes having a night of better sleep energy and being a better partner, parent, and overall human being. 

Dave created the Bulletproof Diet, which helped him maintain his 100-pound weight and also helped improve his sleep cycles. Aside from that, the diet also helps his brain to be better.

What happened to Dave Asprey?

The founder of Bulletproof 360, Dave Asprey, stepped down as CEO. He handed the role over to Larry Bodner. He stayed as the Executive Chairman of the company.

Why did Dave Asprey move to Canada?

Asprey has always wanted to move to Canada because he wants to live in a beautiful environment with clean air and good food. 


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