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Info & Pics of Kumar Sanu and Wife Saloni Sanu

Kumar Sanu is an Indian playback singer. He has recorded many songs and is known for his melodious voice.

In this blog, we will be taking a look at his life and career and how he has managed to make himself a household name.


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Kedarnath Bhattacharaya, known as Kumar Sanu, is an Indian playback singer, mainly famous for his Hindi and Bengali songs.

Kumar Sanu, who has been singing for over 30 years, is said to be the most recorded singer in the history of Indian music. He has recorded over 25,000 songs in many languages and lent his voice to over 1000 movies.

The Rise to Fame of Kumar Sanu

Kumar is a melodious singer who has made a name for himself as one of the most favorite singers in Bollywood music.

He is known for being able to introduce new styles and techniques to his beloved listeners while also proudly upholding the characteristics that have been present in Bollywood music since its early beginnings.

Kumar Sanu started his playback singing career in 1986 as Sanu Bhattacharya. His first major Bollywood song was “Tu Jo Hain” from Hero Hiralal (1989).

He changed his name to Kumar Sanu at the suggestion of singers Kalyanji and Anandji. 

Kumar Sanu is best known for introducing the use of Western melodies and instruments in Hindi music and crooning with an exceptionally powerful voice that captivates even the least interested listener.

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Apart from garnering fame in his native language Bengali, he has also sung for Assamese, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Manipuri, Telugu, and many other languages!

Kumar has garnered five consecutive Filmfare awards and four Bengal Film Journalists’ Association Awards throughout his career, which is a record he holds.

He was awarded the Padma Shri in 2009 by the Government of India for his contribution to Indian cinema and music.

His tracks have featured on the BBC’s Top 40 Bollywood Soundtracks of all-time list, and many tracks from his movies Apna Desh are still played often in clubs worldwide today.

Kumar Sanu and Wife, Saloni

Before his marriage to Saloni Sanu, Kumar was married to Rita Bhattacharya in the late 1980s.

Kumar and Rita had three sons together. One is Jaan Kumar or Jico. Jico is now a singer.

In their marriage, Kumar got attracted to Meenakshi Seshadri, which was later confirmed by his secretary that the two were dating.

Kumar and Rita got divorced in 1994 when Rita found out about Kumar’s affair with Meenakshi.

Kumar and Saloni met and got married. They are blessed with a daughter named Annabel K. They also adopted a girl named Shannon K, an American Singer. 

Kumar Sanu’s Family

Kumar Sanu children
Source: Instagram
Kumar Sanu family
Source: Instagram

Kumar Sanu’s Son

Jaan Sanu
Source: Instagram

Apart from singing and composing Bollywood hits, he has also been involved in film production. In fact, he produced his first Bollywood hit, Utthaan (2006). He’s working with Rakesh Bhhatia on a new joint venture as yet untitled.

He is currently directing an independent movie titled ‘Hason Raja’ with London-based director Ruhul Amin. His musical expertise has made him the perfect candidate to sing for Bengali films; Amrita and Tobu Aporichito, respectively.

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