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Info & Pics Of Joey Diaz’s Wife & Daughter

Jose Antonio-Diaz, or Joey Diaz, was born in Havana, Cuba, on February 19, 1963.

He moved to the United States at a young age, and his family settled in New Jersey for the rest of his childhood and much of his teenage years.

Diaz studied at McKinley High School and later went to North Bergen High School, where he joined their honors program for the performing arts.

Diaz had a hard and painful childhood. His father passed away when he was three, and at age 15, his mother was found dead on the floor of their home.

After this tragic experience, he lived in places around North Bergen, New Jersey.

During this time, he was put into multiple homes, and it’s estimated that twenty people helped him out. But because of his reckless nature and tendency to get into trouble, Diaz was moved from one home to another. He began taking and abusing his self to drugs and committing crimes. 

Diaz moved to Colorado in 1982, where his growing homesickness led to his return to New Jersey in 1984 for his birthday. However, shortly after returning home, he promptly stayed there for 18 months.

He later referred to this period as “the biggest mistake of my life” and “the worst eighteen months,” as it was during these times where his cocaine addiction had gotten very serious.

After being arrested for kidnapping and aggravated robbery, he was sent to prison in 1988, serving 16 months of a four-year sentence.

During his time in prison, film enthusiast Diaz would perform standup routines for his fellow inmates during the weekly film screening events when the projector broke down.

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In this post, you will find rare photos of Joey Diaz alongside his current wife and daughter.


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The Rise to Fame of Joey Diaz

For years, Diaz was not known for having the sense to try standup comedy. While he was often told he had a talent for it, he made other decisions that did not lead him closer.

Eventually, many of his family and friends forced him to give standup a chance because it was the only way to be happy in jobs.

After seeing the film Punchline, which tells a story about a man who decides to take up standup after many failures at his job-seeking him out.

Having nothing else to do and being beset by family and friends who were tired of watching him go from one crummy job to another, Diaz decided to answer an ad for a rookie comedian’s training course that promised success guaranteed!

Diaz eventually tried out and went to rookie comedian events.

In 1995, Carmen Diaz decided to leave Denver, Colorado, and make her way to Los Angeles, California, to become a successful standup comedian.

Along the way, she used her struggles as inspiration so that she “could come back and make them proud” in hopes of doing so successfully.

Aside from being a comedian, he also went to several roles on television and in films. He debuted in the 1998 comedy ‘BASEketball,’ a sports-themed comedy that flopped. He later had more minor roles in other popular series such as ‘NYPD Blue.’

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Diaz starred in the comedy film ‘Analyze That,’ in 2002 However, the film was a commercial failure, and he continued his role on the television show Law & Order.

He also appeared in Spider-Man 2 and Taxi shortly after this time. In 2005, Diaz had a supporting role in the comedy film The Longest Yard, where he played an unlawful union organizer and starred in several episodes of My Name Is Earl as Judge Manny Russo.

Joey Diaz’s Family

Joey Diaz is married to Terrie Diaz, and the couple has a daughter named Mercy Diaz.

It is worth mentioning that Joey Diaz has another daughter from his previous marriage. After he divorced his first wife in 1991, he lost his relationship with his first daughter.

Terrie and Joey married on November 25, 2009. Terrie Diaz was from Nashville, Tennessee. More information about her was not disclosed because she is a private person.

Joey Diaz with his wife Terrie Diaz and their daughter Mercy Diaz

Joey Diaz’s wife Terrie Diaz as a guest in Wife of the Party Podcast

Joey Diaz's wife Terrie Diaz as a guest in Wife of the Party Podcast
Joey Diaz's wife Terrie Diaz as a guest in Wife of the Party Podcast
Joey Diaz's wife Terrie Diaz as a guest in Wife of the Party Podcast

Joey Diaz with his daughter Mercy

Joey Diaz with his daughter Mercy
Joey Diaz with his daughter Mercy
Joey Diaz with his daughter Mercy
Joey Diaz with his daughter Mercy
Joey Diaz with his daughter Mercy
Joey Diaz with his daughter Mercy

Joey Diaz: FAQs

Who was Joey Diaz on The Sopranos?

Joey Diaz is a standup comedian who has appeared in several television shows and films, including The Sopranos prequel film The Many Saints of Newark. He portrayed Buddha Bonpensiero in the said film.

Is Joey Diaz married?

Yes. He was married before and got divorced. Currently, he is happily married to his wife, Terrie, and they have a lovely daughter named Mercy.

Does Joey Diaz still do comedy?

Diaz continues to do standup comedians on tours and perform in some biggest comedy clubs. 

Does Joey Diaz have a kid?

Does Joey Diaz have a kid?
Joey Diaz had a kid from his first wife, but their relationship isn’t good. He also has Mercy today, her daughter from his current wife, Terrie.


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