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Info & Pics Of Jasmine Star’s Husband & Adopted Daughter

Jasmine Star is a blogger and photographer who was born in 1990. She founded a business to help entrepreneurs grow their social platforms. She’s YouTube and Instagram famous for her work as a photographer and her weddings.

Jasmine Star was a law student and now photographer and business strategist who teaches entrepreneurs how to create a brand, market on social media, and build a life they love. Jasmine left law school and picked up a camera to pursue her own curiosity. She did exactly that and built the business of her dreams. Today, she teaches entrepreneurs to do the same by teaching them how to build their own brands, market on social media, and achieve their dreams.

In this post, you will find information and pictures of Jasmine Star’s husband and daughter.


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The Rise to Fame of Jasmine Star

Jasmine started as a wedding photographer when she was 25 years old. When Jasmine’s mother was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2005, Jasmine walked away from a scholarship to UCLA law school to be by her side. 

Because of her curiosity and being a doubtful photographer, she was voted one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World. Her works were published in magazines, making her business grow, and Jasmine’s fame rose. She became a motivational speaker afterward and a business strategist for creative entrepreneurs.

Jasmine is also the founder of Social Curator. It is a social media marketing membership company that caters to business owners. Here she empowers small brands and entrepreneurs to build brands and market them on social media. 

Jasmine Star’s Family

She married her soulmate on a sandy beach in Hawaii with her parents. But, shortly after, she realized she was jobless, so she desperately followed her mom’s advice to do something she loved.

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Jasmine Star is married to JD. The couple has an adopted daughter named Luna Sol.

Photos of Jasmine Star with her husband JD

Jasmine Star with her husband JD
Jasmine Star with her husband JD
Jasmine Star with her husband JD
Jasmine Star with her husband JD
Jasmine Star with her husband JD

Jasmine Star’s daughter Luna Sol

Jasmine Star's daughter Luna Sol
Jasmine Star's daughter Luna Sol
Jasmine Star's daughter Luna Sol with her husband JD

Facts About Jasmine Star

  • Jasmine is a dog mom
  • Jasmine likes yoga
  • She always pays for extra guacamole
  • She likes thick socks
  • Jasmine hates waiting inline
  • She dislikes gluten
  • She doesn’t like being told “no.”
  • She was featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and INC magazine.

Does Jasmine Star still photograph weddings?

Yes, she still does photography on weddings and is serving in California. She can do wedding photographs in Orange County, Los Angeles, or beyond.

What ethnicity is Jasmine Star?

Jasmine Star is American, but her ethnicity is Mexican and Chinese.

Jasmine Star’s Plagiarism Accusation

The first plagiarism accusations were thrown at Jasmine Star in 2013. She was accused of plagiarizing blog posts and inspirational quotes. This time the alleged plagiarism was found in an “Inspiration is for Amateurs” blog post that is quite similar to a quote by Chuck Close.


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