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Info and Pics of Won Bin and Lee Na-young

Won bin is a South Korean actor who is widely recognized for his work in many Korean dramas and films.

In this blog, we will discuss all you need to know about Won bin, from his childhood to recent accomplishments.

From his early years as an actor to achieving success, Won Bin has had a fascinating career.

So why not read on and get to know this well-known actor better!


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Won Bin is one of the most popular actors in South Korea and has starred in many successful television series and movies. 

This promising actor was born in South Korea on November 10, 1977.

After making his television debut in 2000, Won Bin quickly rose to fame for his role in the KBS television series Autumn in My Heart.

Since then, he has starred in many critically and commercially successful movies and television series.

Some of his most recent notable works include the box office hit The Man from Nowhere and Taegukgi. 

The Rise to Fame of Won Bin

Won Bin is one of the most selective actors in the Korean entertainment industry.

He has starred in only five films to date, and each one of them has been critically acclaimed.

His career highlights include receiving Gallup Korea’s Film Actor of the Year in 2010 and 2011 and being recognized as a promising young actor and teen heartthrob for his performance in Kwangki.

These achievements were made possible because of his exceptional acting, and let’s talk about where it all started.

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Won Bin’s acting career started with the 1997 film Propose. His screen presence attracted a lot of attention, and he was called for another role in Ready Go! (1998). This period proved beneficial as it helped him establish himself as a real actor, which can be seen in his performances in movies.

Although Won Bin had previously enjoyed success within South Korea in other roles, his role as the empathetic younger brother in the blockbuster war film Taegukgi helped cement his international fame. Released in 2004, Taegukgi was the most successful film ever released in South Korea.

However, like any male Korean and celebrities, Won Bin’s acting career was sidelined when he was mandated to join the South Korean Army.

Prior to his military service, which began in November 2005, Won Bin attended Yong-In University’s Graduate School of Arts and majored in Acting.

During his time here, Won Bin sustained an injury to his ACL that led to him being sent for surgery and leaving the army on June 7, 2006.

Afterward, he spent an additional year rehabilitating from the injury before returning to acting full time.

He has since starred in a wide variety of critically acclaimed dramas, including Tough Guy’s Love (Kkokji), Autumn in My Heart, and The Man from Nowhere.

Won Bin is also known for his roles in the South Korea and Japan joint production drama Friends and the 2010 film The Man from Nowhere.

In addition to his acting career, Won Bin has also been involved in various charitable activities, most notably his work with UNICEF.

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He has also been involved in various film projects, most notably Mother, which was selected to compete in the Un Certain Regard section of the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.

See photos below of Won Bin.

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Won Bin and Lee Na-young

Won Bin is well-known for his acting career, but what many people don’t know is that he is also married.

In late 2013 Won Bin and a South Korean actress, Lee Na-young were reported to be in a relationship. The two actors began getting to know each other when Na-young joined Won Bin’s agency in 2011 and later started their romantic relationship in August 2012.

The two kept other details about their relationship private after their agency announced it. 

After two years of dating, the actors tied the knot in a small, private ceremony in Won’s hometown of Jeongseon, Gangwon Province, in May 2015.

After their wedding, the couple continued their acting careers until their agency announced that Na-young and Won Bin were expecting a child.

In December 2015, Na-young gave birth to their firstborn son.

won bin and lee na-young
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Get to Know Lee Na-young

Lee Na Young was born on February 22, 1979. Just like her husband, Won Bin, she is a South Korean actress.

She made her debut by appearing in commercials for major companies like Jambangee Jeans starting in 1998 and then appeared in numerous TV dramas and films.

She first gained national fame when she starred in the popular South Korean TV series Ruler of Your Own World in 2002.

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After that drama came to an end, Lee continued to star in numerous films and television shows over the past few decades – some more successful than others.

Na-young became one of the top-ranked commercial models, endorsed by various brands in a wide range of industries. Most notable are her endorsements for cosmetics like Laneige and Lancôme. She also endorsed some brands of electronics, clothing lines, beverages, and food companies.

Her rise to fame coincided with Korea’s increased influence on the world stage and new popularity in Korean pop culture. She is the first Korean who has appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine, W, which featured her as its cover model for the November 2009 issue.

After nine years of hiatus, Na-young made her comeback in 2019 in the drama Romance is a Bonus Book alongside Lee Jong-Suk.

Below are photos of Won Bin’s wife, Lee Na-young.

lee na-young cover
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FAQs About Won Bin

Did Won Bin quit acting?

Won Bin is one of the first Korean actors to star in many hit dramas like Autumn in My Heart, The Man From Nowhere, and more. Despite his sudden fame and many great opportunities on the horizon, he took a long hiatus beginning in 2010.

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