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Info and Pics of Kayden Gaulden and His Family

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, also known by his stage name NBA YoungBoy, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His eldest son, Kayden Gaulden, often accompanies him in many paparazzi photos.

As a celebrity kid, Kayden enjoys a life of luxury. Keep reading to learn more about Kayden Gaulden’s life, his parents, and his father’s relationships. You’ll also gain insights into his lifestyle and his parent’s net worth.


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Kayden Gaulden is the oldest American rapper NBA YoungBoy to his ex-girlfriend Nisha. He was born on July 4, 2016, in the United States of America. Due to his status as a celebrity child, Kayden has received much media coverage and is already quite popular.

On June 26, 2018, Kayden Gaulden and his parents were involved in a tragic accident. All three were fighting for their lives, but they all survived.

Below are some cute photos of Kayden Gaulden.

kayden gaulden
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kentrell gaulden and kayden gaulen
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kayden gaulden
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Kayden DeSean Gaulden’s Family

NBA YoungBoy is a young rapper who has had some success in recent years. He has four sons, with his eldest son, Kayden Gaulden, being born to his ex-girlfriend Nisha.

NBA YoungBoy was only 16 years old at the time, but he managed to take care of his son with the help of his housemaid Montana. Kayden has four brothers: Kamron Gaulden, Kacey Alxendar Gaulden, Kamiri Gaulden, and Taylin Gaulden. 

However, Kayden’s sibling Kamron Gaulden, also known as Baby K, does not belong to Kentrell.

Kentrell was 16 when Kayden was born, and his ex-girlfriend Nisha was 14. In 2019, Nisha got upset when people asked about Jania on her Instagram Live. However, it seems that Nisha is pregnant again by NBA YoungBoy.

Despite being a happy and handsome young child, Kayden’s parents have a complicated love life. They are both quite private and don’t discuss their personal lives with others, but it is known that they are no longer together.

The reason for their divorce is unknown, but it seems to have not affected Kayden’s relationship with either parent. He currently lives with his siblings, but several reports stated they are from different mothers.

As of now, Kentrell is in a relationship with Young Lyric, an American hip-hopper, dancer, rapper, and YouTube star.

Get to Know Kentrell DeSean Gaulden

Kayden’s father, Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, is an American singer, songwriter, and rapper who is widely known as NBA YoungBoy.

He suddenly rose to fame after his single song, Outside Today, which became the highest-charting song and peaked at number 35 on Billboard Hit 100 in 2018.

NBA YoungBoy’s journey to music stardom started with just a microphone when he was 14 years old. However, it wasn’t until 2015 when Kentrell released his first song tape, Life Before Fame.

In 2016, he successfully attracted the media’s attention and grabbed their attention with his super hit tape 38 Baby. The tape gave him a lot of fame, and this song also received millions of views on YouTube.

However, the following year, Kentrell got arrested, but this didn’t stop him from making music. 

He continued to release songs like Too Much, Win or Lose, which became viral, and many more songs. Since then, he became well-known as YoungBoy.

Kentrell is having a lot of success in his job as a musician. He is determined and takes his work seriously, leading to his many popular songs. He has also been nominated for the BET Hip Hop Awards in the category of Best Impact Track for his song “I Am Who They Say I Am.”

Kentrell’s albums Mind of a Menace 2, 38 Baby, and Life Before Fame were huge successes. Gaulden’s album debut topped the Billboard 200 with 144.7 million on-demand audio plays in its first week, making it one of the top ten streaming debuts of 2019.

See photos of Kentrell Gaulden or NBA YoungBoy below.

kentrell gaulden family
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nba young boy
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kentrell gaulden
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Past Relationships of NBA YoungBoy

Kayden’s father, Kentrell,  has had several girlfriends over the years. His most recent one was Jania Jackson, who he dated until 2018. However, their relationship was not without drama.

In 2018, a picture of Jania relaxing outside a hotel room went viral, and YoungBoy was accused of throwing her out of the room and contacting other girls. However, Kayden’s father has since distanced himself from those accusations.

Aside from Jania, Kentrell has also been linked to Malu Trevejo and Starr Dejanee, who is rumored to be one of his children’s moms.

Gaulden was arrested in 2016 for attempted murder and was in prison until 2017.

In 2018, he was detained for allegedly committing assault, weapons offenses, and abduction.

In 2019, he was sentenced to a year of probation for his case against his ex-girlfriend Jania.

Kayden Gaulden’s Net Worth

Children often don’t have any income, but that doesn’t mean their parents can’t provide them with everything they need.

In fact, many wealthy parents can give their children whatever they want. This is certainly the case for NBA YoungBoy, whose six-year-old son Kayden Gaulden has everything he could ever want.

His father, Kentrell, has a net worth of $6 million. According to some reports, Kentrell earns money from his collections, YouTibe monthly earnings, and receives an annual salary of $52,522 as an artist.

His YouTube channel warning is expected to be $28.3K-$452.1K per month. As per some sources, his father’s career is the reason for their wealth. He is extremely determined and is doing well in his job and earning a good amount of money.

Therefore, NBA YoungBoy’s career as a singer, songwriter, and rapper has helped him make an impressive amount of money.

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