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Francine Valli: Daughter of Frankie Valli

Few people know the daughter of Frankie Valli, Francine Valli, as well as she, knows herself.

Francine Valli’s father was the lead singer of the legendary band The Four Seasons. 

Music always has been and always will be a part of human culture. It’s a way for people to express themselves and their emotions. 

Frankie Valli is a singer who shattered the Billboard charts multiple times through the late 20th Century. The Four Seasons vocalist has been married three times and has six children.

However, two of his children have passed away, and one of those is the death of his youngest daughter, Francine Valli.


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Francine Valli

Francine Valli was an amazing singer.

She first rose to fame as the daughter of Frankie Valli, the lead singer of the legendary New York vocal group the Four Seasons.

As Francine grew up, she quickly became a celebrity in her own right.

She was born and raised with her four elder sisters by her mother, Mary.

As a young girl, Francine loved singing and dancing.

However, before she died at the age of 20, she left the world with her music still to be heard.

Sadly, her life and career were cut short by an unexpected death.

Francine Valli’s Parents: Frankie Vallie and Mary Mandel

Francine Valli was the youngest daughter of the former couple, Frankie Valli and Mary Mandel.

Her parents, Frankie and Mary, married in 1954 and seemed very happy. 

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However, over time things changed, and they started to have conflicts. As a result, her parents ended their marriage in divorce after 17 years.

Frankie Valli

Frankie Valli is the lead vocalist of The Four Seasons and one of the most successful vocalists of the 1960s and 1970s.

After gaining massive success as a singer with his band, he later began a solo career and released many chart-topping songs, including ‘My Eyes Adored You and ‘Grease.’ 

Frankie has had a long and successful career in music, but he has also tried his hand in the film industry from time to time.

Some of his notable roles include playing the role of Frank LoCascio in the TV movie “Witness to the Mob” in 1998 and making appearances in many television series such as Miami Vice, Full House, Hawaii Five-0, and Big Girls Don’t Cry.”

Francine’s father, Frankie, was not only married to her mother, Mary but also had two other marriages.

After divorcing his first wife, he married MaryAnn Hannigan in 1974. However, their relationship did not last, and they divorced in 1982.

Frankie married Randy Clohessy in 1984, but they separated in 2004.

Music runs in Francine’s family. Frankie is the singer of The Four Seasons and has given the band many hit songs.

Even though he’s getting up there in age, Frankie is still very much into music and loves performing for audiences.

Below are photos of Francine Valli’s father and The Four Seasons vocalist, Frankie Valli.

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The late singer had one sister and three half-brothers.

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Her older sister, Antonia Valli, moved to her grandparent’s house in New Jersey in 1997. Antonia later went on to marry Four Season’s band member Gerry Polci. 

The singer also has three half-brothers; Francesco, Brando, and Emilio. Brando followed in his father’s footsteps and is now a well-known actor and singer.

Family Tragedy

Six months before Francine died, she lost her older sister, Celia Sabin Selleck.

Celia was Francine’s sister from her mother’s previous marriage. Celia died after falling from a fire escape as she tried to get through it.

The same year, Francine’s paternal grandfather suffered from a stroke.

The Career of Francine Valli

Francine Valli was an amazing singer and had the talent of her father, Frankie Valli. 

Unfortunately, her singing career didn’t start the way she hoped it would.

Tragically, she lost her life young.

However, thanks to the internet, Francine’s music can still be heard and enjoyed by the masses.

The musical Jersey Boys opened on Broadway in 2005. The show featured performances of Frankie and The Four Season’s hit recordings, as well as a biographical narrative by the band members: Tommy DeVito, Nick Massi, Bob Gaudio, and Frankie Valli, along with Valli, whom John Lloyd Young portrayed.

The musical play “Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons” is based on real-life events in Frankie’s life, including the death of his daughter Francine.

The show was adapted into a film in 2014, starring Freya Tingley as Francine.

However, neither the film nor the musical mention the death of Frankie’s stepdaughter, Celia. Additionally, the story of his second and third marriage and his sons is not included.

Francine Valli’s Death

Francine Valli, daughter of Frankie Valli and the star of the Four Seasons, sadly passed away when she was only 20 years old on August 16, 1980.

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Some reports stated that she committed suicide, while others say she died from pneumonia.

In the end, we learned that Francine Valli’s actual cause of death was a drug overdose.

Francine dies due to complications after taking a mixture of Quaaludes and alcohol.

Sadly, her death was a huge loss for the music world.

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