You are currently viewing 9 Rare Photos Of Jason Hibbs With His Wife & Son

9 Rare Photos Of Jason Hibbs With His Wife & Son

Woodworking is about making beautiful products for the home.

Bourbon Moth Woodworking owner Jason Hibbs does just that. 

In this post, you will find nine rare pictures of Bourbon Moth Woodworking’s owner Jason Hibbs alongside his wife and son.


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Jason Hibbs was born in the United States, but other information about him remains private. 

Moreover, there is no information about his childhood, parents, and education. Maybe he wasn’t to keep some of his life private. But, we know for sure that he gained all his carpentry skills and woodwork through his motivation to learn about it.

Jason is a craftsman and woodworker who makes custom furniture, cabinets, and fixtures through his woodworking company, Bourbon Moth.

Jason became a professional through self-taught since he was fascinated with woodwork and building stuff since he was little. He’s known to be very meticulous, especially in creating a masterpiece from scratch.

Currently, Jason lives in Oregon with his wife and son. 

Aside from his work, Jason also shares some of his likes. He is known to be a Bourbon and Scotch aficionado.

The Rise to Fame of Jason Hibbs

Jason Hibbs is a rising YouTube star showcasing his creativity online. 

Jason’s YouTube channel has reached more than 600,000 subscribers because many people also love his humor and personality.

But we all know Jason is famous for his woodwork and carpentry skills. He gained a lot of fame because of his carpentry and furniture building work. He uploads his videos on his channel, Bourbon Moth Woodworking.

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Jason started his YouTube channel in 2015, uploading his first ever video titled “Mid Century Walnut Hutch Build/How-To.”

He continuously uploads videos about his carpentry and furniture work.

His channel continues to grow, and some of his videos have a pretty great number of views.

Before his YouTube career, Jason started his own company, Bourbon Moth Woodworking, in 2014. He created high-end custom furniture and woodwork for clients. Jason has become successful in his field from having one client to being a full-time woodworker and content creator.

Jason Hibbs and Cara Hibbs

Jason Hibbs is a married man who happily lives the best life with his wife, Cara.

The couple shares a son named Iver.

Cara Hibbs is an illustrator and printmaking artist. She is the founder of ‘Oh, Little Rabbit,’ an eco-friendly company selling products based on the art of Cara Hibbs.

Scroll down to see all 9 pictures of Jason Hibbs with his wife Cara Hibbs and their son Iver


Jason Hibbs with his wife Cara Hibbs and their son Iver


Jason Hibbs's wife Cara Hibbs


Jason Hibbs with his wife Cara Hibbs and their son Iver


Jason Hibbs's wife Cara Hibbs


Jason Hibbs with his son Iver


Jason Hibbs's Cara Hibbs and their son Iver


Jason Hibbs with his son Iver


Jason Hibbs' son Iver


Jason Hibbs' son Iver

Jason Hibbs’ Net Worth

Jason Hibbs has a huge following on his Instagram with over 200,000 followers. He also earns great pay from advertising through his post. Maybe he’s earning about $649 to $1,000 per sponsorship.

Aside from that, of course, we know how well his YouTube account is, and he’s definitely earning pretty well from it.

He might have pretty sizable earnings from it through the videos he’s uploading and the average daily views he’s accumulating.

With his woodwork, YouTube account, and Instagram, we could say his net worth might be around $100,000 to $200,000.

FAQs: Jason Hibbs

Where is Bourbon Moth Woodworking?

Bourbon Moth Woodworking is owned by Jason Hibbs and is located in Albany, Ore.

Who owns Bourbon Moth Woodworking?

The owner of Bourbon Moth Woodworking is Jason Hibbs, a craftsman, woodworker, and YouTube content creator.

Who is the bourbon moth guy?

Jason Hibbs started Bourbon Moth Woodworking in 2014 with no experience in woodworking.

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