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12 Stunning Photos of Lisa Robertson

Many people always want to be updated on celebrities’ love life. Whether you are a big name or not, they’ll search them online to find any updates. One perfect example is Lisa Robertson from QVC, who is undoubtedly a crush of every man of different generations.

As people may love or hate a particular celebrity, Lisa Robertson, to be exact, they’ll get vested in knowing their relationship status.

One question is, who is Lisa Robertson’s husband?

Let’s find out all the information you might need from her personal life and relationships to find answers to why this girl left QVC.

Also, what happened to Lisa that could’ve led her to death? Let’s find that out in this blog post.


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Lisa Robertson was born on November 7, 1965, in Collegedale, Tennessee.

Her mother passed away from Ovarian Cancer, and her father is still alive and healthy. Other than that, there is no available information about her parents or if she has any siblings.

Lisa Robertson is not just a television personality. She is a well-trained classical violinist and has performed at Carnegie Hall. She was one of the country’s top Youth Symphonies. 

Lisa loves to travel and has already explored 22 countries to learn about their culture. 

The Rise to Fame of Lisa Robertson

Lisa graduated from Long Term Health Care Administration, which is too far from her TV career on QVC. Obviously, being a television personality wasn’t her first choice, but then an opportunity came, so she grabbed it.

Before her well-known career, in 1990, she worked as a representative at the Pearl Association of Japan and America.

She serves as a spokesperson under the auspices of The U.S. Pearl Princess, an annual beauty pageant. Then, the same year, she was The U.S. Pearl Princess.

Then, she started a new home shopping channel in Knoxville in 1991, having a small team build the channel. Lisa began working an electronic retailing career at Shop at Home in 1991 and built VIA–TV Home Shopping with a small team.

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Lisa did join beauty pageants and eventually became Miss Tennessee in 1989. As the winner, Lisa ran a Drug-Free Tennessee program, where she went public speaking and went to schools, community groups, and other businesses and organizations.

With this, she was awarded by the governor, Ned McWherter, for her outstanding contributions and the QVC star’s outstanding service.

She was also given the Pride of the South Marching Band at the University of Tennessee’s stadium.

Lisa Robertson on QVC

Lisa Robertson has become an integral part of the QVC channel as she boasts over 2-decade long experience and relationship with the said network. With that span of 20 years, no one could ever imagine that Lisa would leave.

But, it happened when Lisa left QVC in December 2014, and why she did is a mystery.

Lisa never broadcasted her reason for leaving QVC, and she just gave a tearful farewell speech to the viewers stating that the audience had become a part of her everyday life.

In her speech, she said, “I know you listen to me, but I want you to know that I listen to you, too.” She added that the audience had been a more considerable help and a more significant source of comfort to her.

After her speech and later in the show, the team prepared a video montage thanking Lisa for her 20 years in QVC.

With her ventures in the corporation as a representative, team member, Miss Tennessee, and a television personality, we can estimate that Lisa’s net worth is around $5 million. It is reported that she’s earning a $1 million annual salary.

After she left QVC, she kept a private life, and there is no information about what she worked and has been doing. But, we know that Lisa owns a luxury house, which she showed to her fans by having a home tour.

Lisa Robertson as a Designer

Besides being a TV personality, Lisa Robertson is also a designer and fashion authority. So, if you ever wonder where she is after leaving QVC, she’s probably working on her new venture.

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She designed a line called G.I.L.I, Line, which includes fashions, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and more. She’s hands-on in her business as a manager and designer, creating the product details and how they will be presented.

This line was created while she was working as a host on QVC, and despite juggling her work and business, she managed to have a strong first year. 

Because of her 20 years in QVC, she became a fashion authority, pioneered new programs, and went on to social media by creating a community.

With her line, she was interviewed and appeared in shows including Good Morning America, The Anderson Cooper show, The Bethenny Frankel Show, The Wendy Williams Shows, The Big Idea, Donny Deutsch, and many more. 

Moreover, Lisa was one of the New Beauty’s Beauty Authorities and one of the 21 Power Women, where she was a cover of Main Line Today in 2014.

The same year, she received the Philadelphia Woman of Distinction Award and appeared in different publications like People, Vogue, USAToday, and more.

Check out stunning photos of Lisa Robertson below.

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Personal Life of Lisa Robertson

Is Lisa Robertson married?

This is what everyone’s been dying to know. Well, Lisa is not yet married. But, this QVC television personality has a boyfriend named Eric McGee.

Eric McGee is a personal trainer with an office near the QVC building. Eric was reportedly 11 years younger than Lisa, but other than that, and there is no more information about him.

We could assume that the two met around QVC, but their dating life is very secretive. Who knows, maybe these two are already married?

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But, let’s not speculate. It’s just that it would be hard to see, for they are keeping their relationship private. 

What Happened to Lisa Robertson?

Lisa is still one of the most beautiful television personalities you will see; at her age, you won’t even think she’s in her 50s.

However, she had tons of experiences that may harm her. Some fans took it way too far, which made Lisa very uncomfortable. Some of her fans stalk her and even experience creepy situations.

One of the scariest things that happened to Lisa was when a 50-year-old man, Peter Ferriera, reportedly followed Lisa to her home and the cinema hall. The man sat so close to Lisa and said he could smell the popcorn Lisa was eating.

This situation really gives goosebumps, and luckily the police caught the man and pleaded guilty to stalking.

The man faced 132 days in prison and seven years of probation.

Another situation is when another man drives to a place expecting that he would get to meet Lisa. This man even bought engagement and wedding rings strapped to his chest. 

Lisa faced all these creepy situations; one reason she’s experiencing this is that she has a pretty face. Luckily for Lisa, she prevented all of these because these actions can cause some serious death.

Aside from these horrors and stalking, Lisa was always involved in death rumors. Many would expect this as Lisa is experiencing these creepy situations that people might think she’s dead. This issue arose when a woman with the same name as her died.

Of course, Lisa is alive and very healthy, and we hope she’s having good health and is always safe. Good thing she’s keeping her life private to avoid any more horrors.

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